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Things I love… No,121

I was very lucky to meet the wonderful Michael D. Rosenberg, otherwise known as Passenger, this summer in St. Gallen as we had an act right before him at the Open Air and he came to the side of the stage to watch us perform…

His latest song brings back mellow memories of Paul Simon and that unforgettable Graceland album. It has a lovely lightness that goes well with these late summer, early autumn days…

The lyrics begin…

If you get out on the ocean
If you sail out on the sea
If you get up in the mountains
If you go climbing on trees…



Great song… the sound of summer 2017 for sure!

Love to all my beautiful, fun friends in the choir – we had a ball…

And thank you to everyone else for standing in the rain!


* * *

Backstage, before getting changed for our performance

* * *


  • Wow lucky you! I’m a great fan of Passenger. What’s the name of your act? Were you supporting?

  • We are a group of people from all over the world who happen to live in Switzerland and love to sing 🙂

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