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Things I love… No. 36

2010 05 Sep_4687_packaging2010 05 Sep_4684_packaging2010 05 Sep_4680_packaging

Photos taken last Sunday on a mountain hike to the Seealpsee… You’d be forgiven to think I was at a Christo show… What makes wrapping so aesthetically pleasing? The play of light, the plastic reflecting the sky?

I recall a few years ago, after visiting a friend in hospital one Sunday in Basel, we happened to call by the Beyeler museum in Riehen and were just in time to see the sun going down on the trees… wrapped. Someone was playing the saxophone and I remember thinking what was really amazing was the fact that you could see the complete mass of space a tree takes up… it’s volume so to speak, in 3D. And to think that the roots take up approximately the same area of space below ground is incredible too.

So, wrapping as a way of looking at something that would otherwise be invisible… or wrapping in the sense of metamorphosis – one thing becoming a completely new thing…

* * *