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About here… No. 5

The Secret garden

hidden garden

Picking up branches – clearing paths, preparing for blossoms and other things to come. That’s today in the garden. I can’t think of a better way to spend a late afternoon after a busy day, working on other creative projects, than a few hours picking up branches…  finding all the little green coming up, forcing through…

little green

Spring is back – and to mark the occasion Daisy, the tortoise, raises her soiled and hungry head… a warm bath and some fresh dandelion leaves later and she’s happy…


The dry larch and birch wood from the recent winter storms which I gathered, like driftwood, is now bundled away neatly for the next fire…

gartenhaus_new_shelves_2015 28 Mai_4295_

Welcome back spring…

growing_2015 28 Mai_4332_

we missed you!

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