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Best espresso ever… Black and Blaze

Things I love… No. 78

Recently, while helping a friend move house, I decided I needed a proper good cup of coffee so I left my husband battling with an ikea instruction sheet and a half built set of drawers and made my way into town in search of a coffee shop. Following the directions I got from a young man I met, I went down the main street and took the first left and there I was supposed to find, in his words, ‘a really good cup of coffee’. I was about to give up as I couldn’t see a restaurant anywhere down that street. Then I heard him whistling behind me as he pointed to a big black arched doorway which had a very Jack Daniel’s like enamelled sign, announcing ‘Black and Blaze…’ Entering the room, which felt more like a cave or a wine-cellar, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the lighting, in which time I recognized silhouettes of a few men who were standing at a high table ‘tasting’.

I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the right film so I was politely planning my retreat when I was offered a tiny cup of coffee.

Maybe it was the situation – the same way a plain cheese sandwich when savoured at an altitude of 2500 meters after a sharp ascent just tastes so much better… but it was fantastic.
At any rate, for me on that day, that little cup of coffee was a proper life-saver.
Thanks Claude!


  • Serendipity! Love the story how you find this cafe! Is this in St. Gallen? Will try it out too next time when I am there. Hope you are doing well, Frances.

  • indeed – and another favourite word 🙂
    it’s not actually a café but rather a coffee roasting company but you can order their coffee online – it’s in Ebmatingen near Greifensee

  • Thanks for the compliment.
    I only offer guest writers the comment space which is quite extensive. If I find another writer interesting I do however place a link.

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