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Das Fragebuch

Things I love… No. 71

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good question! A friend of ours did a video-interview recently, based on his selected answers to the questions posed in ‘Das Fragebuch’ – thought I’d share it with you here. Sorry, just in German:


Have fun! By the way, the Berg Kartoffel, a special variety of mountain potato from Flims, we tasted at Andrin’s a couple of months ago and wow – that was something else! So we’ll be planting them in the garden this year –  and have already planned a summer tasting party – Can’t wait! Roll on spring and summer…

* * *


  • Dearest Frances

    I don’t have any questions – just wanted to thank you for meeting and getting to know you a bit!

    Ok! Just this question – how to become one on this planet?

  • it was such a wonderful opening of the ‘Gallus Jahr’ – I for one had a ball…
    lovely to meet you there and we look forward to hearing Red Cube play for real!
    I have no answers… but indeed that’s another good question and one open for comments


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