(Posted 5th May 2010 – written 4th December 2009)

(Based on Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn)

ballet shoes 


in life, in art and in love

purpose in passion


ballet shoes 4


pearl earrings and satin

leather gloves and love letters

crisp air-mail paper


dressing up for you

white lillies and fairy wings

when did we grow up


ballet circle


red camellias

cigars, cuff-links and coffee

Thai silk and leather


soft shoes


post-cards of hotels

open windows – muslin light

soft mellow morning


ballet shoes 3


the heart, a muscle

a slave to beauty and silk

my life in your hands


a silk tapestry

recalls an ancient battle

on some modern wall


tweed and cardigans

cashmere pullovers and fur

peach leather on skin


ballet shoes 2

* * *


  • Hello Frances,
    Beautiful photos. In what way is the poem based on Fonteyn and Nureyev?

  • Hi Helen,
    I read about Nureyev and Fonteyn and their ‘story’ inspired me to write these haikus.
    Thanks for leaving a comment,
    Love Frances:-)

    P.s.the photos were taken during the dance festival in Lausanne

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