Studio 2009 27 Nov_0371_bearbeitet-1

an eagle’s feather

a spotted feather also

share my writing space

* * *



artichoke purple

tiny tentacles pointing

to an Autumn sun

* * *



kind grey light today

I’m alone in the garden

watching things changing


a silent garden

soft water, the only sound

nature shows the way




(On visiting James Joyce’s grave)


coffee-cup landscape

white heather tied up with string

laid upon a stone




I treasure this pen

like Phoenix in the ashes

coming back to life


the sun tries its best

to push through an opaque sky

blue islands appear

* * *

haiku on your back

pressing my fingers to count

touching syllables…




a porcelain sky

the mountain has disappeared

teaching us to trust


my favourite keys...

* * *


  • Oh thanks Felix – the happy one:-)
    I really enjoy reading about all of your Asian adventures, my little site seems so very tame, im Vergleich…

  • I love it! Thank you for sharing this beautiful poetry. 🙂

  • I have had no such problems – lucky me…
    and as I always deal with things as they come along, I also have no solutions concerning the compatibility issue… but good luck and hope you can solve it soon.

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