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The Swiss Chapter

Graham Greene – The Swiss Chapter
For those of you who were wondering what has been taking up most of my attention in recent months – here it is, fresh from the printers…
I have just completed the translation, from French into English, of Pierre Smolik’s literary study on Graham Greene’s life in Switzerland…

For further information:

or alternatively… http://www.call-me-edouard.com/en/livres/graham-greene-1/



This photo was taken with the wonderfully funny Emil Steinberger – the Swiss actor who is famous for his, ‘Die Schweizermacher’, at The Swiss Chapter’s book vernissage in Montreux.

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  • Fantastic project!

    Greene may have been a literary genius but I totally disagree with his belief that Switzerland is only”bearable under snow”-my favourite and most romantic times there were when there was no snow-surely this is when one sees the real beauty of it?!

  • Well Sophie, everything has its beauty just not everyone can see it…
    Have you read Dr Fischer of Geneva? A wonderful story about the greed of the rich and the pride of the poor – the only novel by Graham Greene written entirely in Switzerland…

  • As a writer with Irish roots,Frances, are you touched by the death of the “never to be equalled” Seamus Heaney?

  • Oh dear Helen – indeed I am. See my entry ‘Postscript’…
    I once was present at a reading in Ireland and did some blind drawings of the great man. Afterwards, when I told him I listened to his tapes while doing the ironing he looked at me and said, ‘You deserve so much more than my poetry!’
    He was and always will remain my hero…!

  • What a precious memory to have….

  • indeed – I treasure it 🙂

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