IMG_5398_bearbeitet-4Well, I can’t just tempt you with the blueberry crumble as blueberries are out of season now and a whole year away.

So what about a fabulous chestnut cake without flour… I’ll add the recipe below:

Chestnut cake

150g           icing sugar
3                beaten eggs
1                packet of vanilla sugar
1                packet of chestnut purée (180 – 200g)
200g           ground hazelnuts
90g            melted butter

After mixing all the ingredients together, place the cake mixture into an oblong shaped cake-form which has been lined with pergament paper and bake in the middle of a medium oven (180°) for 45 – 55 Min.

The cake should be very moist on the inside…

While still warm, sprinkle with icing sugar.

Serving suggestions
Serve with vanilla ice-cream and grapes….

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  • Thanks 🙂
    More to come…

  • I just love your words and i just know you are not a “SIR” is there really no flour needed for chesnut cake ?

  • No, most definitely not a sir;-)
    And no – absolutely no flour… Try it and see. Has to be lovely and moist inside – a favourite autumnal dessert…

  • The photos are my own and it’s a very simple web-site – but thanks for the compliments – glad you liked the cake…
    More to come:-)

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