blueberries 1

This autumn I made the most fabulous blueberry pie.

Somehow, the oven had just the right temperature so that the berries didn’t open and lose their juices while baking but burst open in your mouth when eating.

An absolutely amazing cake experience!!!
Blueberry crumble wins my most sensational cake of the year award…

 * * * * *


  • I will always think of you when I think of blueberries *grin*

  • Think of Blueberries under three feet of snow…
    But I know that you’re having a severe winter too, Luisa – hope the roads are passable where you are. If not – hope you’re cosy and warm and having a lovely evening by the fire writing…

  • I’ve recently been looking all about for that stuff. Thankfully I just noticed it in Yahoo.

  • I am on this blueberry kick ever since i’ve got pregnant. Blueberry anything: pie, yogurt, muffins. Anything to do with blueberries, i’m there. I will definatley have to try out this blueberry crumble cake…yum. This sounds delicious.

  • Funny same here I crave blueberries a lot too now that I’m pregnant. I eat them more then ever.

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